Resources for CDL

Blogs on Critical digital literacy

  • This website has many resources on how to incorporate digital literacy in the classroom. As well as research to back up the information presented.

  • This website relates to how to keep students safe when using digital media and different options for incorporating this information into the classroom. Such as defining skills that students should be able to use in order to think critically about digital literacy.

  • Media smart is a website dedicated to keeping teachers, students and parents informed on how to properly use digital literacy as well as tools to help guide classroom discussions. This article specifically talks about the different forms of digital literacy as well as how to foster this digital age into the classroom.


Below are some youtube videos that I have found that deepen my understanding of digital literacy and why it matters in todays society. 



Engaging Meaning Making among Students

  • This link shows different ways that we as teachers can see if students are actively engaged in the learning process. Taking a look at the difference between teacher centered and student centered meaning making.

  • This article is from the New Zealand school and explains a number of tools to help ask students meaning making questions in the classroom. Such as ‘how do you feel about this issue or situation? I think this is a great tool to use to develop critical thinking in students.

  • This blog talks about how to use deep meaning in the flipped classroom. Which relates back to this media component in critical digital literacy where students are using technology in the classroom to engage in learning. Such as using this information to understand that thinking with digital literacy is going past the surface material. And taking accountability for the information that is being presented to you. Actively thinking about critical analysis of information instead of taking it for face value.

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