Critical Digital Literacy A2: Part 3

Making Meaning of Inquiry: Week 5

Here is the link to my Mind Map.



I was able to find so many more great resources to help connect my ideas in meaning making. Such as the sue of Bloom’s Taxonomy in helping create meaning making questions to ask to further develop students thinking. I hope to continue to develop this understanding in the next couple months.


Below I have added my reflection for part 3 of the inquiry assignment.

My progress in the question, how are teachers in the primary division able to incorporate critical digital literacy by engaging meaning making among students through digital media content, is going well. I have been able to research further into how to engage meaning making into the classroom through questioning through forms of media. One website that I found had listed a number of questions to ask students to create critical thinking. Many of these questions on the website relate back to Bloom’s Taxonomy (Bloom’s Taxonomy). I have been able to expand my blog through the process of the Mindomo mind map. Using this mind map has helped me think of resources that could be used during placement. Such as the Toontastic program which helps create story telling, which can further meaning for younger grades through a process of understanding their points of views through expression of voice.

Watching the YouTube videos that I found, I was able to see what children think digital media is and how it is helpful to them. Teaching students how to be resourceful on the Internet is a great tool, but being able to see if information is valid possess a risk in class. One YouTube video recommended teaching the “Rule of Three” (“Digital Literacy {Elementary}”), in which you find three resources and then compare them to see if the information is accurate before reaching a conclusion on a subject. This rule can be used to teach students, become critical thinkers in digital media by being able to understand the different levels of professional resources. I hope to keep expanding my understanding of how to incorporate meaning making into the primary grades as well as find resources as to how to implement ways that developing readers are able to understand media content.

Link to Mindomo Mind Map:


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